March 15, 2019 / Top Quality Janitorial Services

Setting the Standard In Commercial Cleaning

Top Quality Janitorial Services has converted to green seal certified cleaning products which are undeniably better for the environment, health and wellbeing of our staff and customers, preventing unnecessary chemicals from being released into the environment.

Many of our customers either require or desire that their green cleaning program meet the stringent demands of Green Seal, an independent organization that grades green cleaning products and programs. Our staff is quite familiar with the Green Seal system, and we assist our customers with understanding and implementing the use of Green Seal-certified products.

Top Quality uses the Green Seal-certified product, Xcelenté, which has a fresh, clean fragrance of lavender. The phosphate-free formula is great for floors, and other surfaces where a bright, shiny, streak free finish is desired. It is exempt from OSHA and EPA special handling and personal protection requirements for hazardous materials.

Formulated with environmentally preferred ingredients and fragrances, Green Seal has validated that Xcelenté complies with the requirements of GS-37, the Green Seal Standard for industrial and institutional cleaners. Products obtaining this certification have reduced human and aquatic toxicity and reduced smog production potential. Xcelenté multi-purpose cleaner features a fresh, clean lavender fragrance and phosphate-free formula, which delivers a bright, shiny, streak free finish.